The biggest gift you have right now

I have to admit, this whole lockdown thing (and my rest and assess week) has made me a bit of a morning sloth. So on Sunday, when I discovered that I’d managed to get myself out of bed an hour earlier I was delighted and more than a little self-satisfied.

Here I was at 7am, a picture of early morning energy and vitality (albeit in my pyjamas).

Only that wasn’t really the case. Our clocks in NZ had simply moved back. And in spite of the news running 24/7 (thanks for that hubby), there hadn’t been any mention of it.

Not. One. Word.

No one is focused on the time changing by an hour any more.

Who even cares? (Except maybe the dairy cows.)

Everyone IS focused on pandemic updates however. (And wine. Where to get wine. Goddamn it just one small glass of red would be nice.)

Of course, if you or a loved one is sick, then yes. You have something to focus on. Getting well.

But if you saw my post (or received my Email) last week I strongly recommend you don’t let this situation take over your life any more than you are forced to. It is not helpful.

As hard as it may seem, finding something positive to focus on is a great step.

And the biggest gift you have right now is time.

  • Time to slow down and hang with your family
  • Time to shoot and create new work.
  • Time to declutter your archives and studio.
  • Time to rethink your marketing strategy.
  • Time to rebuild your online brand and be discovered by new clients who are spending more time on the internet.
  • Time to research who those clients could be when we emerge from this lockdown.
  • Time to help others.

Tomorrow (Weds USA, Thurs NZ/ AU) at 3pm NZT I’m holding a live Q&A in my free Facebook Group.

I’m going to be helping you come up with more practical ideas for using your time, so you don’t succumb to the business paralysis mode I mentioned last week. Let’s support each other in this, and share the group with photographers you think it might help.

Meanwhile I have been using my ‘extra hour’ productively. Since Monday I’ve been getting up at 5am and joining a live online challenge with famous speakers offering their wisdom. (Only 17 more days to go!!!) I’ve discovered it’s a wonderful time to quietly educate myself on the positive changes I can make, AND develop a new routine.

My yoga practice on the deck follows this and by 9am I’m ready to start my day.

What are you doing with your time? How can you really use this gift and make the most of it?

Join me tomorrow to share your thoughts.