Build your empire


I’ve just returned from a 4 day hike along Hadrian’s Wall in the North East of England. At about 80 miles, it crosses the width of England and took 6 years to build. it was HUGE!

Hadrian had a very clear vision. To keep the Barbarians out of England and protect its borders.

So he came up with a strategy to build a wall, using existing topography, and of course the Roman army.

I’m not suggesting you have the Roman army at your beck and call, (or that you should ever build a wall), but if you have a clear vision, and understand your purpose, it’s incredible how a strategy will unfold.

Maybe you want to find beauty, or be a witness, or educate, make people laugh, reveal strength, reach your potential, connect people, build communities, lead a creative life, or show compassion.

Your cameras (and whatever else you use) are your tools.

You’ll have some things in place. A website template, some great shots, some good ideas, some clients that love you.

All you have to do is build on these.

Like many of my clients, you’ll look back and realise your work improved, your assignments increased, and many of your goals will have been met.

At the Red Lion in Newburgh, as I tucked into my steak and ale pie (when in Rome..wait what?), I was chatting to an adventurous 20 year old from the US West Coast. She said she was amazed at how she had always dreamed of this hike, and there she was. Her vision came together, piece by piece…and boom! Steak and ale pie in an eleventh century pub.

Clarity and direction is key.

If you want help with clarity and direction, you can book a free strategy call with me for September here.

I’ll help you work out next steps and give you tools to get you on the right path, so you can build your own empire.