Kon Mari your work

If you’ve been shooting for a while, you may have vast archives of work which have yet to be filed and edited.

You might even have boxes of film and transparencies that you’ve never scanned.

Possibly shots you haven’t even looked at.

It’s challenging enough to stay on top of all the assigned images and digital assets that you literally HAVE to manage properly (because let’s face it, some clients can be pretty useless at that).

But having years of personal work archives can be quietly overbearing.

You might not think it’s bothering you, but every now and again the thought of those files sneaks into your head and creates a mild feeling of panic, or overwhelm.

The other day a photographer asked me about this.

‘What should I keep? What should I ditch? ‘

I thought about the current obsession everyone has with Marie Kondo, the cute Japanese lady who teaches everyone how to de-clutter their homes.

She says to pick up each item and ask yourself ‘Does it spark joy?’

When you do confront your archives, and start looking through your images, ask yourself that question.

Do you feel good about that shot? That series? Does it spark joy?

If you tap into yourself, and ignore all those other distracting voices, it’s a great way to intuitively decide what to hang onto and what to let go of.

And the clarity that comes with de-cluttering your work can bring unexpected results, like new clients and new work.

If you’re overwhelmed with the de cluttering process, I’m here to help.

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