Are you in business crisis mode?

As soon as this pandemic started affecting travel and day to day lives, many of the photographers I work with jumped into over-drive.

‘Should I let my clients know I can still shoot alone and send shots remotely? ‘

‘Is it appropriate to reach out and say anything about working given the gravitas of the circumstances?’

‘Do they want to see my personal projects or is that too petty?’

‘How should I contact them when they’re not at the office?’

‘Should I say I have hand sanitiser?’ (OF COURSE YOU HAVE HAND SANITISER!)

And then within days businesses are closed and no one’s allowed to be in the same space. (Only that’s not true everywhere and in some places you can…if there are two of you, or it’s your ‘bubble’…WTF?)

Too much information spewing at us from everywhere. It’s enough to make you weep. (I did!)

Well…ENOUGH! I say.

Let’s get some perspective. And we cannot have perspective without space.

If you have been floundering around dithering over how and what to say to clients right now, so much so that you are paralysed, or worse still, panicking, then you are currently in stage one or two of business crisis mode.

We need to get on top of that straight away and the first thing you can do is STOP.

Take some time to get some air, hang out with the kids, do some gardening (if you have one), get a meditation practice happening. Stop watching the news 24/7. Pull out your camera and shoot what moves you. No pressure. Whatever you need to do for you. Space begets clarity.

You will not ‘miss out’ at this time if you don’t rush into communication with your clients. Just pause and rest.

Maybe you’ve already started doing this. If so the next step is to ASSESS.

Consider your mental (see above) and physical health. Your finances. Your existing jobs status. Your current systems and processes, and what’s in the archives (yes I know that’s a year’s worth…). Your unique skills and assets which could be useful at this time. Your outward looking profile and your marketing plan.

And yes, now is seriously the time to revise this. Your clients are online more than ever! How do you want to be seen at this time?

As you read this I am currently on my ‘rest and assess’ week and I have to say it’s heaven. And completely necessary. After 3 crazy long Q&A sessions last week with phenomenal turn out I need space to look at what I currently have in the works and to think about ways I can pivot to help you.

So I know you’ll forgive my lack of activity on social media whilst I do this.

Meanwhile, it’s time to rest and assess.

Stay safe.