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Top folio shot 2014: May

Zoe’s shots intrigue me. She has a way of sorting the higgledy-pigglediness of urban sprawl, jumbles of roads, clusters of buildings, and even everyday objects, into an orderly pattern. You know those infinitely patient people who can calmly pick out a tight knot in a delicate chain necklace, or unravel a bundle of wool? Well, I think

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5 Reasons to Throw out Your Babies

Recently I heard the good news that yet another of my clients won the top prize in a photographic competition. What’s great is that he won it for a shot he took for a dream client, shooting the kind of job he would shoot even if he weren’t paid. Only he was. And on top of

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Top folio shot 2014: April

OK so it’s a doggie shot. But a damn good one. And this shot worked so beautifully in Robin’s folio alongside a fashion shot, a flower image, and a close up of a woman’s face. Robin’s folio was an example of style over subject, and all the strongest shots to me could be summed up by

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Pictures in Your Head?

It’s a pretty well known fact that many photographers suffer from varying degrees of dyslexia. Lesser known is the number of photographers (let alone adults in general) negotiating the complexities of life with Aspergers, a higher functioning form of Autism. Yet every time I run a workshop, and at most association meetings, there is at least one photographer in attendance

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Top folio shots 2014: Jan- Mar

Here I am again on the first day of April madly delving into the last 3 month’s worth of images I have already edited for folios this year. From my humble abode in Titirangi I have travelled all over the world; from sparkly ocean pools scattered about Sydney’s shores, to the fashion scenes of Japan and Shanghai; I’ve attended

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6 Steps to Cracking a new Market- Case Study #1

Just over a year ago I met one of my top ‘students’. John (we’ll call him that) is an Australian photographer. He had just turned 50 and was shooting local editorial and below the line (read budget) jobs. He earned much of his income from his rental studio business. After some initial planning we established that

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