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Top folio shots 2014: September and October

September and October saw work from factories to near extinct wildlife cross my desk. From crazy studio fashion shoots in Melbourne to car racing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Beaches from Adelaide to Nelson and beyond. Way way beyond. But I was particularly in love with the two I chose as they were both personal shots,

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Top folio shots 2014: July and August

July and August were busy editing months this year, so to catch up on some belated posts I’ve rolled some highlights together. There were a few stand out shots over this period, as there always are, so here is some Southern Hemisphere eye candy (with a slice of the tropics). Wendy Brandon, Wellington I am thrilled to introduce

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Top folio shots 2014: June

We are currently dealing with horrible winter storms here in NZ. At our home in Titirangi we’ve had numerous power cuts, and some of our windows and doors are boarded up. Oh, and the family dog is sick. There is more but I won’t bore you. Suffice to say it might explain my slightly jaded (and possibly green-eyed) post last

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Top folio shot 2014: May

Zoe’s shots intrigue me. She has a way of sorting the higgledy-pigglediness of urban sprawl, jumbles of roads, clusters of buildings, and even everyday objects, into an orderly pattern. You know those infinitely patient people who can calmly pick out a tight knot in a delicate chain necklace, or unravel a bundle of wool? Well, I think

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Top folio shot 2014: April

OK so it’s a doggie shot. But a damn good one. And this shot worked so beautifully in Robin’s folio alongside a fashion shot, a flower image, and a close up of a woman’s face. Robin’s folio was an example of style over subject, and all the strongest shots to me could be summed up by

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Top folio shots 2014: Jan- Mar

Here I am again on the first day of April madly delving into the last 3 month’s worth of images I have already edited for folios this year. From my humble abode in Titirangi I have travelled all over the world; from sparkly ocean pools scattered about Sydney’s shores, to the fashion scenes of Japan and Shanghai; I’ve attended

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Top folio shots of 2013: Jan- Mar

In January I attempted the mammoth task of trying to find my favourite shots from all the folios I had edited in 2012. Run off my feet at the time it was a ridiculous mission to attempt and I gave up at number 6, vowing (and I believe promising) to post my monthly top pick

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