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Call the midwife

The photographer finished speaking, and silence ensued. The images hovered on the screen. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. ‘Something profound’ was the agreed murmuring. It took a full day to process the depth of feeling it evoked. We’d witnessed the birth of an idea, and the rebirth of an artist. The venue

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Find your flavour

Yesterday, during a Blitz, I found myself staring at brightly coloured, sun-a-flaring, golden meadows, bright green trees and crimson poppy fields. They were landscapes on steroids. Perfect, in a chocolate box, Fanta kind of way. They annoyed me a little. Something about them was not real. Unconvincing perhaps (though I couldn’t find a flaw). Digging

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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary

We were flopped on couches after the cocktail evening for jurors and IPA winners at head judge Susan Baraz’s NY apartment. It was November. (How long ago that seems.) We were discussing the extraordinary exhibition Hossein Farmani and Susan curated for the Paris UN Climate Change conference in 2015. Renowned photographers from around the world

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The biggest gift you have right now

I have to admit, this whole lockdown thing (and my rest and assess week) has made me a bit of a morning sloth. So on Sunday, when I discovered that I’d managed to get myself out of bed an hour earlier I was delighted and more than a little self-satisfied. Here I was at 7am,

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Celebrate your decade

In New Zealand today is already the first day of 2020 (whoop whoop!) – a new decade. I have so much to celebrate from the last decade. The sale of The Collective Force, my photo agency, and OPTNZ, my production company- which have continued to thrive under new ownership. Multiple interviews in multiple magazines and

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My criteria for recommending you

I haven’t been a rep for 8 years now but I’m immersed in the photography and review world so much that I am still asked to recommend photographers.  Even some of my old clients contact me now and again for guidance when they’re stuck.  Here is my criteria which you might find useful as I’m

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4 ways to look like an international shooter.

I see a lot of photography. LOTS. Through judging, reviewing, blitzing, and editing folios & websites there are many recurring themes that come up and understandably one of them is travel. Even when I ask photographers the billionaire question (what would you do if you had limitless money?) a regular answer is ‘Travel and shoot’ Let’s face

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