Your images are not enough

2 September, 2022

There’s no doubt that creative decision makers, the people I presume you want to hire you, are visually discerning.

And sharing your most stunning work (stills and motion) on your website is vital for that reason.

But nice images alone are not enough.

Because if they like your work they will then want to figure out if you’re someone they want to work with.

Remember, your clients are not buying a picture, they’re hiring a human.

They have to know you can:

  • Take a brief and translate it.
  • Communicate your ideas.
  • Navigate meetings with clients and account directors.
  • Pull together the right team and manage them in a calm and unflustered way.
  • Collaborate and work alongside the creative.
  • Deliver great results.

The tricky bit is, SAYING this is the last thing you should do. (Trust me, they’ll feel SOLD to and will run for the hills. Creatives eh?)

If you’re wondering how to help them understand who you really are, start with your bio and make sure you also have plenty of interesting personal work.

Having an agent is also really helpful to them to know you have backup and resources.

As always, understanding how this discerning audience thinks and behaves is vital to your success.

How much does your website help you get hired by those dream clients?

If you’re a talented image maker and need help communicating and marketing to advertising creatives and discerning visual decision makers, I am still accepting applications for my last 2022 Bootcamp mentoring programme starting early October.

Schedule a free call with me here, to discuss your suitability and get some clarity and direction.