When you share a corker image

18 November, 2022

You make an amazing image you love. Dammit EVERYBODY loves it. And you proudly add it to your folio/ website.

Sure it doesn’t quite fit with your other work but it’s so GOOD!

You may even get asked to estimate a job, to be shot just like that image.

You’re the favourite for the job, BECAUSE OF THAT IMAGE, and you almost have it in the bag.

And then they ask, almost casually, 10 minutes before presentation time,

‘Can you just flick us a few more shots like that so we can show the client?’.

There’s no time for more tests and you’re stumped.

What to show them?

The job is awarded to another photographer, the one they trust that they use for everything, and worse still they show them that shot you made as a guide.

I’ve seen this happen so often and it’s the reason I always suggest photographers hold off from showing a unique hero image UNTIL YOU HAVE MORE LIKE IT.

Consistency and proof of ability to deliver are extremely high values in an ad agency, particularly once you get past the creative.

So, if you’ve shot something amazing, go shoot it more.

Extend it into a project of its own.

Think about ways you can expand that idea.

Consider other situations, materials, and objects that you can shoot in the same way.

You’ll feel far more confident about delivering a good result and you’re much more likely to get more work that you love making.

If you’re struggling with throwing out shots you love, have a read of this blog post I wrote a while back: 5 reasons to throw out your babies