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Stop paddling backwards

Sometimes, when I review a photographer’s work and identify their hero shots I am met with an incredulous look. ‘But how can that be my hero work? It’s so easy for me!’ No shit Sherlock. It may come as a shock, but doing what you love, especially if you’ve been doing it for a while, can be a breeze. You

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All you need is inside you

A few days ago I received a holiday/ Christmas wish list from somewhere photographically inclined, and it listed, predictably, mostly equipment, cameras and helpful software. I think I ditched it. When photographers, even my beloved clients, start talking to me about gear, I ‘glaze over’. It’s not my zone of genius. I’m done being a

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Hone in!

I’ve recently been reviewing a number of my clients’ website bios and they often go like this: 1.Open on a description of photographers’ style and feel. (Are you seriously telling discerning visual decision makers how to think about the work after they’ve probably already seen it? ) 2. Go on to explain ‘my first camera’

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How to make space for better clients and more money

After the recession my photo agency and production company were in debt to the tune of $300,000. Yes, it was scary. In fact it was downright awful. I had learned that the more you make when times are good, the more you can lose when times are not good. I had staff, a large office,

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IPA Climate change competition- 4 ways to stand out

Last night, after an amazing day where I proudly joined the first Women’s March on Washington in Auckland, we had a severe storm and lost power. Trees and power lines crashed down around Auckland and roads were closed. It seems only appropriate that today I judged the IPA Climate change competition. It also seems appropriate as

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Find your inner Bruce Marigold

I want to introduce you to Bruce Marigold. (We’ll get to David later). Bruce is a pen name my husband has invented for a script he really wanted to write, but with which he didn’t initially want his name associated. (Oh damn- there goes that secret). He wanted to be completely free to explore an

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Seven quick holiday reads for photographers

It’s that funny old week between Christmas and the new year. In Auckland everyone is on holiday although summer is being obnoxiously evasive, dammit. Oh hang on, here it is. Oh and it’s gone again…. Wherever you are, if you’re a photographer and thinking about 2017, you might want some reading material. (For, you know,

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