The inevitable tide of change

It was 2pm. I was planting veggies in my garden. The sun was shining and there was a gentle summer breeze stirring the Nikau Palms. As I worked, everything darkened. I looked up to see an eerie sepia tone washing over an ashen sky. Pink roses popped and everything else receded. My blue sparkly harbour

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How to break the ice

A few months ago I asked how good you were at receiving compliments. (If you missed it you can read it again here) But how good are you at GIVING compliments? Maybe hiding behind a camera is exactly how you like it. Maybe talking to random strangers is not your bag. But then you find

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Celebrate your decade

In New Zealand today is already the first day of 2020 (whoop whoop!) – a new decade. I have so much to celebrate from the last decade. The sale of The Collective Force, my photo agency, and OPTNZ, my production company- which have continued to thrive under new ownership. Multiple interviews in multiple magazines and

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My criteria for recommending you

I haven’t been a rep for 8 years now but I’m immersed in the photography and review world so much that I am still asked to recommend photographers.  Even some of my old clients contact me now and again for guidance when they’re stuck.  Here is my criteria which you might find useful as I’m

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4 ways to look like an international shooter.

I see a lot of photography. LOTS. Through judging, reviewing, blitzing, and editing folios & websites there are many recurring themes that come up and understandably one of them is travel. Even when I ask photographers the billionaire question (what would you do if you had limitless money?) a regular answer is ‘Travel and shoot’ Let’s face

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Are you guilty of this?

A couple of weeks back a photo editor from a well known magazine in NYC Emailed me, looking for a selection of photographer recommendations in Sydney, Australia. The photographer had to be a woman and was needed to document an entrepreneur on the job. Easy peasy I thought. After suggesting three relevant photographers I had

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How to respond to compliments

How good are you at receiving compliments? Creative people, including photographers, do not always find this easy, especially when it’s about their work. If someone admires an image, movie, installation, or piece of art you’ve created, you might find yourself deflecting, mumbling something self-effacing, turning it into a joke…even blatant denial. And even if you

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