What your clients need now

Time has been behaving weirdly this past month or two. A week flies by. A day feels like eternity. A month is like a year. (What DID you do in April?) It’s wildly different for everyone. There are some commonalities in the way people are behaving though, and I want to share them with you

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Find your flavour

Yesterday, during a Blitz, I found myself staring at brightly coloured, sun-a-flaring, golden meadows, bright green trees and crimson poppy fields. They were landscapes on steroids. Perfect, in a chocolate box, Fanta kind of way. They annoyed me a little. Something about them was not real. Unconvincing perhaps (though I couldn’t find a flaw). Digging

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The biggest gift you have right now

I have to admit, this whole lockdown thing (and my rest and assess week) has made me a bit of a morning sloth. So on Sunday, when I discovered that I’d managed to get myself out of bed an hour earlier I was delighted and more than a little self-satisfied. Here I was at 7am,

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Are you in business crisis mode?

As soon as this pandemic started affecting travel and day to day lives, many of the photographers I work with jumped into over-drive. ‘Should I let my clients know I can still shoot alone and send shots remotely? ‘ ‘Is it appropriate to reach out and say anything about working given the gravitas of the

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Get signed in 2020

In the last week before Christmas, in space of 4 days, I received lovely calls from three of my clients wanting me to be the first to know that they had signed with a new rep. One was a European based photographer who secured a top rep in New York to replace his lack lustre

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The inevitable tide of change

It was 2pm. I was planting veggies in my garden. The sun was shining and there was a gentle summer breeze stirring the Nikau Palms. As I worked, everything darkened. I looked up to see an eerie sepia tone washing over an ashen sky. Pink roses popped and everything else receded. My blue sparkly harbour

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How to break the ice

A few months ago I asked how good you were at receiving compliments. (If you missed it you can read it again here) But how good are you at GIVING compliments? Maybe hiding behind a camera is exactly how you like it. Maybe talking to random strangers is not your bag. But then you find

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