There’s always another shot to add

It’s easy to find excuses not to make yourself visible, or take that step to contact ideal potential clients, or dream photo reps. One of the best ways to do this is to procrastinate. To delay or postpone something because it’s boring, unpleasant, or scary. A hurdle if you will, that gives you an excuse

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5 ways to ace an online folio presentation

In the last 12 months the only way to meet with many creatives, art producers, photo editors and agents has been online, often via Zoom. Even here in the Southern Hemisphere where we’ve had relative freedom, many clients have changed how they work, and may not be in the office as often as usual. In

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Stop talking about your technique

How do you describe your work when someone asks you about it? Do you go to great lengths to describe all the difficulties and challenges you overcame? Or the complex processing technique you invented? Do you share your secret recipe and tell us how easy it was, and not at all as magical as we

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Charisma is overrated

There’s a rumour out there that building great relationships with people in the ad world, getting them across the line on estimates, and continuing to work with them requires a certain amount of charm. It explains why I hear lots from photographers who curse their genetics and wish they were more charismatic. But it’s not

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You don’t know what you’re doing

I was sitting in a dark theatre, entranced by the black and white portrait on the screen. A freckle-faced Irish child with wonky teeth and a cloth cap crinkled his eyes as he looked into the lens of Dorothea Lange. It was 1954 and Lange had been on assignment for Time Life Magazine when she

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feet on a surfboad riding a wave

If you’re an outdoor adventure shooter

Yet another amazing outdoor lifestyle photographer followed me on Insta today. He was from New Zealand. And yesterday another in Scotland. Not surprising, that. Both countries have gorgeous mountains, lakes and ocean. What’s not to love? (Maybe the cold………but skiing!) These intrepid shooters keep emerging from the woodwork, (or more likely from the ice cave),

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When to take a camera (and when not to)

Happy new year! (Is it still OK to say that?) This summer in New Zealand we are enjoying being VIP’s of our own country and many of us are exploring places we haven’t been… partly because they’d usually have been swamped with tourists. Holidays are tricky. To take the camera or not to? Taking your

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