These days: Works in Isolation

A few weeks ago I wrote about helping 28 photographers bring projects to life at the outset of the pandemic, when the world first went into lockdown. You can read that post here.

The Series Project: Iso Edition, the online programme created by photographer and ex creative Billy Plummer and myself, set out to help photographers around the world find a way to express their response to that time.

In most cases it was fraught with emotion and a strong bond was built between the makers of these projects.

Reluctant to let go of that bond, 25 of those photographers have got together to share the work they created and the online exhibition is now open.

Curator of the exhibition Dr Paula Mahoney says “Together, this photo-based collection addresses what it is to be in isolation during 2020, in poignant and provocative ways. Exploring the human condition in all its fragility, through the lens of a camera, one click at a time.”

As this post goes out, I’ve also just heard that many of the projects have won prestigious IPA awards.

I’m thrilled to bits and couldn’t be prouder of this diverse array of artists.

And I’m here to help if you’d like information on how to get help creating your own project.