Call the midwife

The photographer finished speaking, and silence ensued. The images hovered on the screen. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

‘Something profound’ was the agreed murmuring. It took a full day to process the depth of feeling it evoked.

We’d witnessed the birth of an idea, and the rebirth of an artist.

The venue was my Zoom room.

The audience was around 27 photographers from around the world who’d all made a personal series during lockdown.

They had joined together for the fourth time in 2 weeks to support each other over 5 presentation sessions.

They shared stories of anxiety and joy. Depression. Hope. Fear. Love. Anger. Humour. Secrets. Silver linings. Possessions. Connection. Disconnection.

I have felt like a midwife the last month or so as these projects have emerged, some kicking and screaming, some gliding out with aplomb.

It’s been an exhausting but exhilarating few months, helping deliver these amazing ‘babies’ in The Series Project, and also supporting a wonderful group of photographers through the first 5 weeks of my mentoring programme.

In years to come, when this time has passed, as it will, and people ask ‘Where were you during that time? What did you do?’, the photographers I’ve worked with will have an answer:

‘I responded as an artist should. I told MY story’

These stories are already winging their way into competitions, award entries, publications, websites, social media and CLIENTS.

What stories do you have to share?