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Hidden opportunities

There’s a secret beach near where I swim. It has cathedral sized caves set into the cliffs with natural pillars and deep blue green pools which turn black as they disappear into the gaping darkness. I call it the Magic Kingdom. My hubby calls it Narnia because it’s only accessible through a hidden cave, and

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5 things to check when you’re presenting online

Just over a week ago I joined the faculty of Palm Springs Photo Fest’s inaugural online event as a speaker and reviewer. I ‘bumped’ into other reviewers and speakers in a Zoom ‘Green room’, and ‘met’ and reviewed photographers virtual folios in their dining and living rooms, studios and home offices. In spite of this

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4 steps to embracing the current situation

I’m hearing such a diverse range of situations that photographers and reps are in at the moment. From mad busy, to closing shop. So I thought I’d give you some things to consider if you’re a photographer feeling indecisive about next steps (because who isn’t at the moment?) 1. Don’t let your inability to travel

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The outsiders

Being an outsider has been conditioned into me from the day I was born. It was the norm. I grew up in a working class suburb in a wealthy town in the South of England. My parents were Geordies (from the North East) so we had no relatives nearby. Later, I met my Aussie husband

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Are you guilty of this?

A couple of weeks back a photo editor from a well known magazine in NYC Emailed me, looking for a selection of photographer recommendations in Sydney, Australia. The photographer had to be a woman and was needed to document an entrepreneur on the job. Easy peasy I thought. After suggesting three relevant photographers I had

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Build your empire

  I’ve just returned from a 4 day hike along Hadrian’s Wall in the North East of England. At about 80 miles, it crosses the width of England and took 6 years to build. it was HUGE! Hadrian had a very clear vision. To keep the Barbarians out of England and protect its borders. So

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One on One

4 steps to win the heart of a photo rep

A few weeks ago I received an Email from a photographer: ‘I have to know, Christina. Why didn’t you ever rep me?’ OMG. This poor photographer had been hanging onto my ‘rejection’ for 10 years. Holy moly. Admittedly his dog had just died, he was having a few stiff drinks and he was feeling VERY

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