Stuff ups and successes (Getting unstuck part 2)

Happy new year! (Yeah I know we’re a week in but a girl’s got to have a break.)

In my last post I gave you some prompts to acknowledge how much you achieved last year. If you missed it you can find it here and I strongly recommend you give it a go.

Today I want to give you the next 2 steps so you can wrap up 2021 and put the darn year to bed. Honestly it will really help you move forward.

1. Write down your challenges, frustrations and sad times from 2021

It’s handy to set a timer for 3-5 minutes and actually write it all down with pen and paper. Be specific if possible. Here are some prompts:

  • Overwhelm?
  • Burnout?
  • Feeling out of your depth?
  • Feeling stuck?
  • Challenging shoots?
  • A specific tricky situation?
  • Anxiety?
  • Spreading yourself too thin?
  • Difficult clients?
  • Not getting a strong response to your marketing efforts?
  • Lockdown restrictions?
  • Family issues?

2. What were the big lessons learned?

Challenges and how you dealt with them can teach you a lot about yourself, your work flow, your clients and processes. Set a timer again. Here are some prompts and ideas:

  • I can deal with almost any situation
  • It’s OK to say no
  • My personal work really does get me paid work
  • I’m more capable that I believed
  • I need to be held accountable
  • My team is my rock
  • I need a good motion crew
  • No more compromise on time/ money/ team/ gear
  • It’s time to move studio/ house/ take action!
  • I need to stop working with clients who don’t understand what I am delivering
  • I need a new producer
  • I need A producer!
  • I need a rep
  • I’m ready to ask for help
  • I’m ready to up-level
  • Trust my instinct
  • I am amazing!

I know that last year was utterly revolting for some of you and surprisingly successful for others, but stuff ups AND successes can show you so much if you’re open to learning from them.

What one action are you going to take from this?

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