A tough year closes (Getting unstuck part 1)

It’s been another tough year for many photographers- if not financially, emotionally, and I want you to be proud that you made it this far.

As 2021 draws to a close I encourage you to wrap up your year by mind dumping all your successes, achievements and wins.

Take yourself off somewhere quiet and make a list of everything you started, finished, actioned, overcame, won, delivered, dealt with, and had fun with this year.

  • Which new clients got in touch?
  • Which old clients returned?
  • What jobs did you shoot?
  • Difficult briefs met?
  • Personal projects ideated, shot and /or completed?
  • Exhibitions?
  • Books?
  • Awards?
  • New connections?
  • New rep?
  • Folio reviews?
  • Finally committed to stop digi-tecching?
  • An updated website?
  • A better understanding of who you’re targeting?
  • New moves?
  • New babies/ grand-babies/ relationships?
  • Family successes?
  • Health goals met?

Try to get up to 50 if you can- it’s really empowering and will help you close off your year positively.

I did a longer version of this exercise with a group of photographers a few weeks ago and it was so brilliant to hear their success stories, challenges overcome and lessons learned. I think we all felt a little bit better for it!

So here’s to you and your successes and I look forward to staying in touch in 2022 with ways I can help you navigate the year.

It’s time to recognise how amazing you are, and have been this year.