Shine like Lilli

Australian photographer Lilli Waters (who shot this image) contacted me a few years ago.

She’d been advised by a consultant that she should be a food photographer and to show her ‘commercial’ work on her website. She was confused and conflicted.

When I Blitzed her work, as I do with everyone I work with, I took a deep dive into a world of intense beauty – one that I couldn’t believe she’d been told to ‘remove’ from her website. She was a true artist, with unique talent that just had to be shared.

There were no food shots (go figure).

We ditched the ‘commercial’ work in favour of her most stunning personal work and built her entire online presence and folio around this.

Within months she had been signed by Modern Times and Metro, two top galleries she’d been trying to connect with for some time.

Last year she was signed by Sam I am, one of the busiest and most sought after production, photography and film agencies in Australia.

If you’d like me to Blitz your work, as I did with Lilli, you can find out more and book a Blitz here

Once you’ve paid you can choose to have me review your work and identify your most amazing show-stopping images as well as your ‘why’ at any time in the next 2 months.

You deserve to shine.