Seven quick holiday reads for photographers

It’s that funny old week between Christmas and the new year. In Auckland everyone is on holiday although summer is being obnoxiously evasive, dammit. Oh hang on, here it is.

Oh and it’s gone again….

Wherever you are, if you’re a photographer and thinking about 2017, you might want some reading material. (For, you know, by the pool….or in front of the fire.)

So here are some of my most popular posts from the last few years:

  1. If you are pondering who you really are: On authenticity
  2. If you are planning on using the holidays to shoot personal work: Five steps to creating an inspiring personal project
  3. If you are thinking of updating your website or folio: 5 reasons to throw out your babies
  4. Some optimism for the New Year: Horror or Hope?
  5. If there’s no work on the horizon: Quiet Spell?
  6. If you want to feel better about being a photographer: A shout out to photographers
  7. If you are a woman and wondering how you can fit into the photography world: The power of women

What would you like help with in the new year? Let me know!

In the meantime, may your photography continue to inspire you and others, and contribute to the world being a better place in 2017.