A second chance

25 January, 2023

If last week’s blog resonated and you were feeling a bit like you had a false start to 2023, you’ll be pleased to know that you have a second chance – the Lunar New Year.

Around the world, celebrations continue to welcome in the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit- a year of introspection, peace, and hope.

To be quite honest, you can start your year again any time you feel like it.

In fact, every day is a new day.

OK maybe you didn’t get that job, but tomorrow creatives all over the world will be getting new briefs, having clients sign off on new ideas, and looking for photographers to fulfill those briefs.

Briefs that went on hold may come back, as marketing execs return from their holidays and revisit old ideas with fresh eyes.

In parts of Asia, the financial year just kicked off, bringing with it new marketing budgets for the year.

Companies that wrap their tax year in March or April will be using up old budgets with last-minute ideas that have to be made.

Agents will review their stables and look at the new talent they need.

Photographers and directors will move on, retire and change location leaving places to fill with their reps.

Will you be in the mix? Do the right people know who you are?

It’s been a tough run over the last few years, and hope can be a glimmer of light (possibly in the shape of a rabbit) and a driver to move forward.

Maybe now is the time to get visible again.

Gong Xi fa cai !