False start?

19 January, 2023

Does your year seem to have gotten off to a false start?

In New Zealand, 2023 started with a cyclone that saw a week of intense never ending rain and storms. Instead of going to the beach we hunkered down and watched the palm fronds smack against the windows.

There’s been a sense of despondency out there (and not just in New Zealand).

Perhaps things haven’t gone back to ‘normal’.

Perhaps that job you were holding out for didn’t come off.

Or maybe that producer still hasn’t replied to you so you have no idea where you stand on moving forward with your plans.

Maybe you’re staring at your website scared to plunge into the rabbit hole of updates. (Nope. It didn’t magically sort itself out over Christmas)

Or you’re just reluctant to pick up the phone, send out the Email, or even select an image to send to your list.

It’s easy to feel flat at the beginning of the year because we place so much pressure on ourselves to miraculously uncover a well of new energy, and confidence and find our mojo after tearing around like idiots in December.

It’s incredible how much we expect from a one digit change in the year!

If you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’, try the following to pep up your spirit. It will only take a few minutes.

Make a list of everything you achieved last year.

Things you’re proud of, and also just amazing memorable experiences (because what else is life about?)

  • Awards and jobs you won?
  • Complex briefs, productions, personal projects and anything else you made happen.
  • Systems and processes you implemented which will make this year so much easier (once it starts. And it will!)
  • People’s lives you made better. The crew you hired, Clients you made happy, and projects that made an impact.

Dammit even if you shared your work you probably touched the lives of people you don’t even know. People who could have a really nice brief for you this year.

I’d love to hear what you achieved in 2022. Follow me and let me know over on my Instagram feed.

It’s a wonderful way to restart the year.

Thank you to the talented Adam Blasberg, one of my amazing clients, for the shot above.