A lesson from director James Cameron

When James Cameron was making ‘Avatar’ he had a moment of overwhelm as loads of problems were flung onto him.

Taking himself off into a quiet space to gather his thoughts, he noticed a fly bashing itself against a window. One foot below the fly the window was open, and yet in typical fly manner, it was too flustered to notice this. Or brainless. It was a fly after all.

With horror he realised he was metaphorically doing the same. Bashing himself against a window in such a state of emotion he couldn’t see the exit.

It just required distance.

Stepping back and observing, without emotional attachment.

Photographers can be like this when they look at their own work. It’s hard to see what’s good any more. It just gets more confusing and overwhelming and sometimes can be paralysing.

And yet there’s always a way forward. It might require a step to the left, or a step back.

When it comes to gaining clarity and direction I’m here to help. I’m especially used to helping photographers step back and see their work with fresh eyes.

Confidence returns and focus is gained.

This is YOUR your time to step back, step up a level, and get better work from better clients.