5 ways to ace an online folio presentation

In the last 12 months the only way to meet with many creatives, art producers, photo editors and agents has been online, often via Zoom.

Even here in the Southern Hemisphere where we’ve had relative freedom, many clients have changed how they work, and may not be in the office as often as usual.

In fact, even though many people are busting to meet ‘in person’ again, it will probably never go quite back to how it was.

I am constantly reviewing work online. Last month I was reviewing for Palm Springs Photo Fest. This week I’ll be viewing 12 live Series Project presentations and judging an international competition. Next month I’m reviewing at Creative Asia Plus.

So here are 5 things to keep in mind as you prepare your next folio or series of work:

1. Images are king. Curate your online folio with the same amount of care you’d invest into a printed folio.

2. Choose a presentation format that allows you to control the viewer experience of your images online. Make sure that design, spacing and pairings help make the right images shine. Don’t neglect this!

3. Practice presenting online so you’re comfortable with the process. Here’s a check list to run through to help you be better in front of the camera.

4. Allow the viewer to run the meeting. Let them move through the images at their pace and give them the space to enjoy the experience and ask the questions. It will be much more effective.

5. If you can meet someone in-person, don’t ditch the printed folio. It’s a rare and beautiful beast that will make the experience super memorable for your viewers, especially tactile creative teams.

In the run up to CA+, anyone who’s registered will be able to join our online hub and ask me questions about presenting online, as well as listen to me cover the above points in more depth to ensure our attendees are well versed in the process.

You’ll also get a full day pass to our inspiring speakers on 18th June.

Meanwhile, keep practicing being in front of the camera (and move that dirty laundry basket out of the background!).

If you’d like more help identifying your best work and getting in front of the right clients you can book a free strategy call with me to discuss your suitability for CA+, an edit or the next Bootcamp mentoring programme here