The only place where you get to be the curator

10 October, 2021

Are you sometimes guilty of being a ‘when I’ person?

As in, ‘When I get some down time I’ll contact that rep/ fix my website/ start that personal project/ go for a walk…..”

The problem with this is you’re leaving your actions in the hands of fate (again).

If you wait too long, opportunities pass, and the thing never gets done.
Two days ago Facebook and Instagram crashed and it was difficult, if not impossible, to post. How frustrating!

I received an Email from a smart Pinterest marketer who said “It’s all happening at Pinterest! This is the best platform…”

The fact is Pinterest, just like Instagram, Facebook, Linked in, Tick Tock and all the others, are NOT your real estate, and never will be.

They get to make and change the rules whenever they want. You have very little say over who gets to see your images, when they see them and how much you might have to pay to make them visible, even to your most avid followers.

The only online platform you can truly curate, where you get to decide what is appropriate (to nipple or not to nipple?), and which you can control what you share and when, is your website.

Social media definitely has an important role to play.

But don’t overlook the consistent power of your website, and how important it is for you to have a strong brand platform that you own, that speaks to your audience whenever they need it to, and helps them get you across the line on jobs.

You deserve to shine. What are you going to update on your site today?