You are not a photographer

If you’re shooting for clients, you probably think you’re a photographer.

You wouldn’t be mad to assume this. Indeed, most people probably refer to you as a photographer.

But don’t get caught up in believing that’s what you do.

If you’ve watched Simon Sinek’s ‘Find your why‘, you may have an inkling of what I’m talking about.

Your WHAT is what you do. I would suggest what you do is create images with a [insert appropriate adjective] feeling. What’s the feeling your work evokes?

Your HOW is how you do it. With a range of cameras, some lighting, some damn good communication and problem solving skills, and a possibly a good team. What’s your how?

Your WHY is why you do it. That’s a bit more personal. Everyone has a different why. Only you know that. But often the feeling you achieve in your work is a good indication of your why.

As you begin your year, consider the above three things, and work out who you are as a photographer.

And remember, although they say they do, clients don’t actually want a photographer.

They want to hire a communicator and problem solver who can bring a feeling to their brand. They want your brain.

You are so much more than a photographer.