Who are your people?

19 July, 2021

As I write this Email I’m sitting at the Sherwood Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. The mountains beyond the veggie garden are snow clad. Firewood is being chopped somewhere in the distance. The music is damn good.

I could have stayed at the more expensive Hilton Resort and spa. But this is my kind of place, with my kind of people.

It’s important to know who your people are, and they could be anywhere.

Over the past few weeks I’ve hosted Zoom rooms full of photographers and advertising creatives all meeting, sharing ideas and inspiration at CA+.

I’ve travelled to Napier and Waimarama to gather with creative people from across New Zealand and Australia commemorating the life of one of our much loved artists and musicians.

These experiences have reconnected me with people I’ve known and loved over the years. People from the advertising, music, photography, food and art worlds who share common ideals, interests and stories.

Your people are your best collaborators.

You can share your vision and ideas with them, and get honest, informed feedback.

They’re the ones that see your potential and understand your eccentricities and taste in fashion, music, art, politics and beyond.

Your people will probably come to your exhibitions, or cheer you along as you embark on a big project.

They may be on their own journey too, but they get you.

I was so happy to receive this Email last week, after CA+.


“Working with you this past year and being able to connect with people outside the US…. It’s the first time I felt like I found my people… and knowing they are out there…. That I’m not alone…. Wow, what a fucking power shift.”


If you’re ever feeling you’re alone on this crazy journey, perhaps look a bit further for your tribe.

They are most definitely out there.


“The story I’m trying to tell is about unity. I feel like we’ve all occupied our own spaces and built our crafts but ultimately we all have similar goals”

– Complex UK Jan, 2019