What your clients need now

Time has been behaving weirdly this past month or two.

A week flies by.

A day feels like eternity.

A month is like a year. (What DID you do in April?)

It’s wildly different for everyone.

There are some commonalities in the way people are behaving though, and I want to share them with you because this is what your clients are experiencing too.

1. They need to hear from you more regularly because that note you sent last week already feels like a lifetime ago.

2. They cannot absorb as much. Keep your communications succinct and non-rambling, BUT engaging.

3. They cannot see beyond the next few months (and in some cases weeks, or days). Don’t ask them to.

4. They need to feel connected and cared for, more than ever, when you’re working with them.

5. Their priorities have changed. You can’t change them. But you can care.

If you’ve been keeping a low profile during this time it really is essential to start communicating regularly with your clients and potential clients. NOW.

Who knows… maybe they have one of your promos on their wall (on their fridge at home even). They may be anticipating the day they can call you with an assignment. They may LOVE receiving your Emails, even though they’ve never had time to reply.

Don’t write them off.

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