What kind of bus do you want to drive?

In August I talked A LOT about driving your own bus.

So what kind of bus do you want to be driving?

Is it a vintage model with loads of character and charm and a quirky crew?

Or a slick stretch limo with a champagne bar for the celeb guests?

Perhaps a Tesla vehicle with vegan food and ethical passengers??

Maybe it’s not a bus but a horse and you’re heading alone into the wilderness to discover the unknown. (I can relate to that!)

It doesn’t actually matter, so long as that you choose the one that most fits you, the passengers you want and the destination you’re heading to.

Everything that you share with the world should scream ‘I am driving this bus and if you want to come with me that’s great, but I’m doing it with or without your help’

Honestly, it’s the best recipe to attract the best passengers, and get to the most amazing places.

This is your time to drive the bus.

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