Christian Mushenko, Sydney

Top Shots November & December 2014

As strange as it may seem, in November I edited numerous print folios on beds and sofas in Hong Kong hotel rooms, in time for the CA+ review event. I’m pleased to report that all the folios were well received with some creatives and photographers continuing discussions and at least one photographer finding a new agent. I’m a very proud ‘mum’!

Amongst all the folios I edited in November and also into December, there were a couple of stand out shots and these made the final two Top Shots for 2014. In the next few weeks I’ll announce the creative who’ll be selecting their fave from all the gorgeous images I shared last year. In the meantime, enjoy the last two of the year- both photographers have featured on this blog before, and both constantly producing fresh work.


November: Christian Mushenko, Sydney

© Christian Mushenko
© Christian Mushenko

Christian Mushenko‘s work never fails to draw me back to the ocean and I always always fall for fizzy bubbles that seem to accompany the water he shoots. Having said this, Christian isn’t afraid of the contrast between light and dark, and whilst our POV is from the dark and perhaps ominous depths, the feet seem to be introducing light and air into the water and draw the eye up to the sparkle of sunshine (or is it night lights?) above the surface. Very ethereal. Always emotive.


December: Steve Boniface, Wellington

Steve Boniface, Wellington
© Steve Boniface

Almost exactly a year ago I featured a beautiful landscape shot by Steve Boniface. Since then as always he has been very prolific, shooting everything from factories and industry, studio set ups and people around the world. But my favourite series by far was a project on cane workers in Fiji, some of which have not yet been released publicly. So I am very privileged to have been one of the first people to whom Steve has shown this stunning body of work. This shot is only one of many, but I love the composition, the crunchy texture of the sugar cane and the vibrant blue of the worker’s head-covering with his eyes peering out.