Top shots January – February 2015

January- Ian Robertson

This image of a New Zealand native Tui, its plumage beautifully captured with a gentle, yet scientifically detached approach, was part of a larger series Wellington photographer Ian Robertson shot of NZ natives. Ian is not the kind of photographer who takes these things lightly- he cares enormously for the environment and the planet, and appreciates the finer detail in everything he shoots- whether it’s a native penguin, a child, or the creases in the sole of a foot. So this, and the other images in the series are tinged with sadness for another lost treasure. However, it’s also a great example of how personal work can inspire clients. The image was subsequently purchased for use in an Icebreaker campaign and shared with the world. You can find more of Ian’s work here.


February- Billy Plummer

© Billy Plummer
© Billy Plummer

There is nothing subtle about Sydney photographer Billy Plummer, or his work. He’s a larger than life personality with a zest for life, and nothing goes unnoticed. His shots are intense, humorous, emotive, moving yet sensitive. They invariably involve people, and he has a way of shooting anyone, even the most impoverished beggar, in an heroic way. When I was blitzing his work in February, I noticed his fascination with hands, and this shot really captures Billy’s approach to me. The hands say so much about this man, even though we can’t see his face. But what we can see is a deeply ingrained story of someone who has lived, felt and experienced life. I love the rings too. And what a nose! You can see more of Billy’s work here