They’re looking, but will they find you?

17 November, 2023

In the last three months five of my clients were signed by photo agents. Several others have been contacted and are in talks or negotiations.

TV production companies are big players in this now. They’re seeing the value of having stills photographers, as well as directors, on their books and they’re creating separate departments for this. They’re out there hunting for new talent if they don’t already have their established stable.

I think they’re all recalibrating. Trying to find their feet. Optimistic for next year but aware that they may need to be more resourceful and flexible. To offer a more diverse range of lens based image makers to the world or their clients.

I’m hearing this from photographers in USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

The right rep (or agent) can really enhance your career. They can vastly broaden your exposure and help you increase your income.

So how do you get signed?

It seems obvious but to get representation you must be visible. Your name should pop up everywhere. In their social feed, in relevant publications, as a competitor to the jobs they’re bidding, and how wonderful if their clients are also talking about you.

On that note it also really pays to have a proven track record. They’re not going to sign anyone if they don’t know you’re capable of answering a brief and delivering good work.

But this does not mean piling all the ads you’ve shot on your website.

It means getting your branding sorted out and making inspiring personal work.

It means having a strong cohesive website which helps them sell you to their clients.

It means implementing a process which means you’re the next name on the list when their regular photographer is booked up or unavailable.

They’re looking, but will they find you? And will you be next on their list?

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