There’s always another shot to add

It’s easy to find excuses not to make yourself visible, or take that step to contact ideal potential clients, or dream photo reps.

One of the best ways to do this is to procrastinate.

To delay or postpone something because it’s boring, unpleasant, or scary.

A hurdle if you will, that gives you an excuse to avoid getting to that next level.

So what are you procrastinating at the moment?

Your folio?

It will NEVER be perfect. There’s always another project that needs to be added. Save those shots for the next one. Show it online and avoid decisions about the cover and printing.

Your website?

Trust me it will never be ‘complete’. As soon as it is you’ll be sick of it. Build it so your dream clients can find what they need, and show only your most inspiring work. The rest is just bells and whistles.

Contacting new clients and reps?

They are not holding onto amazing assignments until you are ready. They are making work now. With someone else. Find an easy way to reach them, and do it now.

Taking that step into a new region or city?

They’ve never met you before. You can be whoever you want, in spite of who you think you are now. Shoulders back. Chin down (you know the drill). Zoom’s your friend.

Your next personal project?

Pick up your camera and start shooting. Anything! No one needs to see it unless you’re happy with it. Just do it.

Eye on the prize!

‘Doing it is forward. Not doing it is backward’

-Pema Chodon