The clarity that’s right in front of you

How often do you feel confused or overwhelmed or directionless?

If this is something you struggle with you may have forgotten about your unique skill as a photographer: The ability to shine a light (or harness the light) to communicate a very strong message.

The fact is that finding or creating that clarity, and pointing your lens at it, is a crucial aspect of your job.

So maybe try doing that in your other endeavours:

  • Decide on one dream ideal photoshoot so you can be laser-focused on who you want to work with.
  • Target one amazing brand or creative rather than trying to target everyone.
  • Focus on one specific aspect of a message you want to share in your personal work, rather than trying to say everything.
  • Hone in on one story/shoot every time you send out an email blast.
  • Decide on one specific marketing goal for each day, month, etc.
  • Find one photo rep, agent or production company you'd like to partner with and build that relationship.

As with your best work, it really is all about honing in.

And you definitely know how to do that!

If you need help deciding what to focus on, I am accepting applications for my next Bootcamp programme starting in September. Schedule a free call with me for next week to discuss your suitability here, There are just a few calls left until the end of July 2022.