Success in scary times

After 9/11 strategic coach Dan Sullivan wrote a “Scary times” success manual. Since then it has been a popular read in subsequent crises including the GFC and again during the current global situation we are in.

In at least 3 recent calls with clients I have directed them to this amazing resource so I decided to share the 10 main points with you too.

  1. Forget about yourself; focus on others.
  2. Forget about your commodity; focus on your relationships.
  3. Forget about the sale; focus on creating value.
  4. Forget about your losses; focus on your opportunities.
  5. Forget about your difficulties; focus on your progress.
  6. Forget about the “future”; focus on today
  7. Forget about who you were; focus on who you can be
  8. Forget about events; focus on your responses
  9. Forget about what’s missing; focus on what’s available.
  10. Forget about your complaints; focus on your gratitude

(You can download the whole manual here.)

Here in Auckland we’re back into lockdown so I’ve opened up more strategy meetings to help you apply these steps in the commercial photography arena.

Find out the best steps to take to understand who to focus on, how to create value, what opportunities you have, how to uncover your potential, what appropriate responses are, what’s available to you and what to be grateful for in your world, by booking a free strategy call with me here.

Sometimes it takes someone else to show you what you’re capable of achieving and how to get there.