Shoot the Agent

Earlier this year I received an Email asking me to be a judge for the International Photographers Association Lucie awards.

‘Sure’ I said ‘You realize you’ll have to fly me to New York as I do live in New Zealand?’

‘Oh no,’ they said. ‘Technology is so fantastic these days all our judging is done on line. Isn’t that wonderful?’


‘Oh- one more thing. Could you just flick us a head shot of yourself to put on our website?’

I’ve been asked this a few times recently. And really, of all the people to ask for a headshot, you’d assume that a photographers’ consultant would have one. In fact I’m sure you’d imagine I would be flicking through the copious images of myself and wondering what’s appropriate for the Lucies? Black and white? Colour? Coporate? Casual? Location? Studio? I wouldn’t blame any magazine editor or judging panel organizer for assuming this.

Sadly, the truth is that in fifteen years of representing most of the top photographers in New Zealand, let alone working with many international shooters, I have only been photographed 3 times. And only one was a head and shoulders shot! That is a pretty pathetic record. I guess I was too busy hanging out with clients and loitering in ad agencies around the world to be in studios when I could have been snapped.

Shame, as I have way more wrinkles now than I did fifteen years ago.

The upshot is that I sent them a beautiful – but rather old shot – taken in about 5 minutes in my office by the lovely Peter Bannan.

I am relying on most of the viewers to have no idea what I really look like now. My daughter informs me I look a little unfriendly.

Last week, I finally found some time to get myself shot. The same day, a magazine contacted me and told me they were sending a photographer to my house to shoot me too. Two photo shoots in one day- unheard of!

I’m now officially waiting with my files of shots for the next request.

‘Which outfit?’ I shall ask. ‘At home or in the studio?’

Just like a photographer’s consultant should.

At least until I change my hair-do again.

By the way, if you’re a photographer, and don’t have a shot of yourself, get one! Now!