Processed meat and funk

23 July, 2022

New Zealand. Singapore. Marseille. Arles Photofest. Spain. And the sunny North of England.

These are all the places I have been since I was last able to send out an Email to my list. That’s 3 weeks.

It was NOT planned that way. I had a nicely organised bunch of Emails ready to send, but my CRM (database management system) intervened.

‘List hygiene!’ they said. In one email, one day before I flew.

This also included a massive list of complex tasks which utterly befuddled my assistant and I.

No way Jose.

In spite of being in the top 2% of open rates in the entire Infusionsoft client list (my CRM- this is also used by folks like Tony Robbins and some pretty major players so I’m pretty happy wth that score), all my Emails were subsequently blocked, because apparently I had some sp*m traps.

I did not use the full word sp*m (Hint: it’s also a kind of yukky processed meat) because apparently the use of this word in Emails will result in my message going into the j*nk (another banned word, rhymes with funk) folder of recipients.

Who knows, Facebook might ban it too if they see it in a post. So I’ll play safe, even here.

Oh so much to learn.

I’m not going to bore you to death with the other words you cannot use, or why this is so necessary, but essentially if you don’t open an email for 3 months you have to be asked if you want to receive them any more.

Times are a-changing and Email providers like Gmail and Microsoft are spitting the dummy (as they say in Australia, which is one place I have not been in the last 3 weeks).

It’s a good thing.

It means you will receive less processed meat and funk.

If you are on my list, or think you are, and haven’t received an Email from me for a while, check that funky folder. Your Email provider may have shoved me in there. And if that’s the case, you may now be blocked from receiving my Emails. (Yes, some of my clients’ Emails were processed meat traps. We are working on that puzzle)

If so, please contact my team at help(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) and let me know if you’d still like to hear from me. They’ll get things working for you again.

Onwards and upwards, and thank you for being an important part of my world.