• My Solo Story: Christina Force

    'As a soloist I feel blessed that I can embrace change as often as I like. I am always re-evaluating where the business is at and asking questions: What haven’t I provided which photographers need? What shall I introduce this year?'

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  • Trends in Editorial Photography

    “Editors have less money to pay photographers properly,” says Force. “It’s not easy to make a living solely on editorial photography now. Initiative and extra effort can make a difference.”

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  • Asia Through The Eyes of an ExPat

    'When you’re planning for a job, it’s important that you have a good familiarity with how the local market works so that you can make good crew decisions and manage the set appropriately. ..'

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  • How to create a striking folio

    We’ve heard your calls for an intro to creating a photography portfolio, so we’ve enlisted the help of folio consultant Christina Force to run through how to create a portfolio that will fit you and your needs.

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  • Asia beckons emerging NZ photographers

    International photographer, Robert Earp and prominent photo consultant, Christina Force, CA+ co-chairs, are giving photographers the rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with some of Asia’s most respected creative professionals who will review their work.

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  • Put your best folio forward

    'Be brave and trust that viewers will be far more attracted to a strong and coherent body of work than a bit of everything to please everyone. I promise you will be more memorable.'

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  • Photo finish

    Christina Force will be judging the world's best in the photographic equivalent of the Oscars in New York next month. She tells Viva about her favourite things.

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What my clients say

TPM really hit it's stride this year, the feedback from the community has been fantastically heartening. Your columns have easily been the best addition we've made this year, they invariably get favourable mentions whenever a reader gets in touch with us -- it's going to be a hell of a book.  

Adrian Hatwell, Editor, D Photo and The Photographers Mail, Auckland