One thing that could be missing from your work

I’m astonished at the number of photographers I meet who were musicians in their former lives. If not musicians it was their world. They lived and breathed music.

Is that you?

Very few of photographers fully harness it in their photography though.

It’s a separate ‘thing’.

But we’re no longer living in times where music is separate to photography and photography is separate to motion.

In fact thinking that way will limit your potential. Substantially.

You will struggle to survive as a ‘photographer’ if you’re not making motion, or delivering your work in some form of multi media.

And they both require sound.

Voice-overs at least, but more often than not, some kind of music.

So when you’re working on personal projects, think beyond the visual.

Consider simple environmental sounds. A fun humming. Rain falling.

And if music is your thing, it’s time to harness that knowledge and love of the medium.

No more cheesy stock tracks for you.

Collaborate with musicians and sound designers and bring in that extra level of creativity that can enhance and elevate your imagery.

Goodness, you’ve probably photographed enough of them to pull in some old favours.

It’s all yours for the asking.

If you love the power and beauty of sound, as well as imagery, it’s your time.