Oh the places you’ll go

Well we’ve done it! We made it to the end of the year that will go into history books.

2020 brought with it a raft of change that revealed so much so fast. It’s as if it decided to shake us awake from whatever reverie we were in.

Change is like that, accelerating existing situations into their future destiny and beyond.

Those who were struggling became even more vulnerable. The cracks became chasms.

Those who had good foundations thrived (but that sometimes brought its own new set of problems).

My need to help photographers became all consuming this year and everything else took a back seat.

But oh boy was help needed.

It was a privilege to share in your journey, no matter how rocky.

It was a thrill to see the awards pour in this year, and the new rep announcements, the new client photographer connections, the new books published, the new communities created, the exhibitions that flourished, and the new self awareness gained.

I’m grateful to all my clients, my tribe of helpers, and my business partners, who helped make success possible for photographers around the world, and who constantly teach me I’ll always be a student.

Change brings growth, and you have so many places to go.

May 2021 bring you some amazing new opportunities.

On February 15th a revamped Bootcamp programme and an online Series Project programme are starting simultaneously. To find out if you’d qualify for either please book a free strategy call here.


“It’s been a total joy to work with you. You have instilled the confidence and energy in me that I’d lost connection with and I will be eternally grateful for that Christina I really will. 

You have a unique gift and I’d say you found your calling

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you have been an integral part of the process of rebuilding myself this year”