New fences, old fences

We stood on an almost empty parking lot outside a Rotorua hotel staring up at the distant windows, some with faces peering out, some of those offering a resigned wave to possible relatives or friends. Between us and the building were two soldiers and a 10ft high fence.

We were collecting our daughter from her 2 weeks quarantine after returning from 3 years in Berlin.

It was an odd experience, but then we could probably sum up 2020 with that statement. A year of trying to ‘stay safe’ in the face of an unknown and utterly unexpected threat.

The fact is that whilst some fences have HAD to go up to protect us, some have HAD to be smashed down, and 2020 has truly been a year of that too.

As a photographer you can follow suit.

Continue to focus on safe practices on shoots. Communicate those practices and other offerings that help your clients feel safe.

BUT reach out to clients who may need you, possibly not in the same places as before. And be super aware of doors opening around you into worlds that previously did not exist, as well as holding space for those less privileged.

I hope that you continue to rise to those challenges with the spirit of the independent artist solopreneur that you are.

I’ll be here to help from mid January.

In the meantime, have a very happy Christmas or holiday period, and stay safe.

‘I like this feeling of not being divided, I do. If we can open up a bit more with each other and share stories, our real stories, that’s what breaks down barriers. But in order to do that you have to believe that your story has value.’

– Michelle Obama