Lessons from the Olympics

I’m torn.

I’ve lived in New Zealand for 28 years, and Australia for 4 years prior to that. Plus I’m married to an Aussie. But I’m a Brit with a Brit passport. Who to support in the Olympics?

Then I received some imagery of athletes from UK photographer Sam Riley, and I found myself rooting for the individuals he’d shot. Suddenly Jodie Williams and Revee Walcott Nolan were top of mind.

Even though the Olympics is a brand that spans hundreds of years, the athletes each have their own unique brand.

They don’t just win a race on their speed. There’s mental focus, commitment to practice, and even (please forgive me) body shape.

Then there’s personality and the way they interact with their fans. And their team.

And you’re exactly the same.

You might shoot certain genres, like sport, or food or fashion, or lifestyle.

But your brand is unique to you.

It will define if you shoot Mercedes or Mini, Adidas or Nike, high tech or raw.

It will influence who chooses to work with you, and the crew you pick.

Your brand should be oozing (in a good way) from your website and outward looking presence.


When I worked with Sam Riley we identified his ability to show the strength and power of women athletes.

He shot these images of Jodie Williams in his own way, bringing his own brand to help her brand.

When she won her 400m heat, Tokyo Olympics official Insta feed shared my Insta story.

Now that’s a meeting of 3 amazing brands brands for you.

What sets you apart?