Lessons from an extreme athlete

4 February, 2022

If you’ve ever seen the James Bond Film ‘Casino Royale’ you might remember the crazy urban free-runner leaping over scaffolding and cranes. That was Sebastien Foucan, who featured in a global campaign one of my photographers shot several years later.

On the shoot I was amazed to see that in order to bounce off frighteningly high Singapore sky scrapers, and shimmy glass and steel walls, Sebastien and the two other runners in the campaign were far from extreme risk-takers.

In fact they were extreme strategists.

(I guess failure is not an option when your life is at stake.)

Their technique was fascinating to watch in action:

1. Visualise and strategise

Know the goal. Walk the route. Assess the problems. Count the steps. Eliminate risk. Repeat.

2. Focus and calm the mind.

Prior to each shoot the runners had their own unique practice. One meditated quietly in the corner. One held a headstand for 20 minutes with no arms. One practiced Tai Chi.

3. Take action

Face the challenge with calm and focus. Find the flow. Eye on the prize- no looking sideways, no distractions.

Another free runner from the campaign shot by Mat Blamires for Bates Singapore. He actually did this move!

You don’t need to be flinging yourself off a wall to strategise wisely.

If you want decent representation, to be sought after by award winning creatives, to get in front of a new audience or simply a kick up the butt, it might be worth considering a version of these steps to get yourself on track.

Have a fabulous weekend!