It’s time to re-examine

‘I live 2 blocks from the George Floyd murder’ I heard, repeatedly yesterday, as I ran a 3.5 hour folio review marathon with photographers based in Minneapolis.

‘I had my bag packed and was ready to flee in case our building was burned down’ said one.

‘Please let there be change’, they all said.

Starting at 7am NZT, I met 10 photographers for 20 minutes each via Zoom.

There they all were, having recently witnessed history on their doorstep, muddling through the pandemic, and very professionally conducting meetings about their websites, looking toward a future of getting back to work again. One day.

I have to admire them.

I have to admire you,

You’ve survived being stuck at home for over a month.

You’ve survived without crews and production resources, and little to no work.

You’ve found ways to keep shooting, editing and organising whilst so much uncertainty has clouded your vision.

You’ve stood with many others to support black people and minority groups in the face of terrible events.

You’ve faced bushfires and other natural disasters that preceded this.

I’m proud of you.

Now it’s time to re-examine.

Your brand. What you stand for. What you have to say.
Your audience.
Your marketing.
In that order.

It’s time to shine again.

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PPS. Thank you to Billy Plummer, who shot the above image as part of ‘The dreams we have’ project.