In recognition of an inspiring photographer

15 September, 2017

Today I heard of the passing of a wonderful New Zealand photographer, Jocelyn Carlin.

Jocelyn embodied the word ‘adventure’, travelling the world with her camera, educating photographers, creating a popular studio and darkroom facility in Auckland, shooting for clients, and above all following her passion to explore multiple cultures and build relationships with their people.

Here’s the thing.

Jocelyn has left a legacy of work. And not just shots of tomatoes for the local supermarket, the latest BMW, or a few random half finished projects she started back at uni but never finished.

She followed her dreams and went where they took her. She sold countless shots as art and more as stock imagery. She made books and had exhibitions.

Jocelyn never made the excuse that she was a woman in a man’s world. (Even though she was)

She never bitched about the photographer who won the job she was pitching on.

She shared her resources generously with those new photographers struggling to make ends meet (instead of feeling threatened).

She never complained about the many physical restrictions on her body, in spite of having more than her fair share.

Against all odds, Jocelyn never got in the way of herself. She knew she always had more to give, and more to do, and that life is rich and there to be lived.

Take a look at yourself.

Do you have photographs you’re proud of, that show who you really are, that after your death will live on and inspire?

Have you gone to those places you always said you’d shoot?

Or do you have half-finished projects, forgotten dreams and a studio with a pile of product you have to bash out by tonight? Is that what your life has become?

You can’t take it with you. So what do you choose to leave behind?

RIP dear Jocelyn. May you continue to inspire.