Impostor Syndrome and Thanksgiving

If you suffer from impostor syndrome you may feel that you don’t deserve receiving help, kindness or compliments.

You might find yourself mumbling self-effacing comments, passing the credit onto someone else, or struggling to accept any kind of praise about your work.

You are not alone.

In fact a staggering percentage of people struggle with this, especially creative people like you who are constantly sharing their creations with the world and being ‘judged’.

But imagine if you gave someone a gift and they shrugged it off and gave it to someone else in front of you? How would that make you feel?

In his 2011 movie ‘Happy’ (watch it if you haven’t- it’s amazing), writer and director Roko Bellick discovers that one of the most important ways to stay happy is to help others.

The effect of kindness should be mutually rewarding.

It’s actually OK to say thank you.

And if you open yourself up to receiving praise, you’ll also open yourself up to receiving more opportunities, collaborations, commissions, money, and dare I say it…good old fashioned love.

I love that word THANKSGIVING.

It covers both sides of the human interaction.

One human gives.

The other receives with thanks.

There’s no better time to start giving AND receiving with gratitude than today.

Because you’re amazing and you deserve it!