How to reach some of the busiest creatives in the world.

I first arrived in Shanghai on a freezing day in February. That night, creeping to my hotel window with horror, I watched as the sky filled with sepia coloured smoke and almighty bangs ricocheted between buildings. I literally thought World War 3 had begun.

But no my friends. Fireworks.

The next day snow fell, gracefully muffling all noise, and I got on with visiting ad agencies with my photographers’ folios. Which, quite frankly was easier then than it is now.

In fact meeting potential clients and presenting folios has never been harder. It’s not like you can jump on a 747 and sashay into an ad agency in Singapore with your folio under your arm.

But grow your target market you must, because some of your clients are disappearing into the redundancy wilderness and you may need to look further afield.

Well I may be able to help.

On Friday 20th – Saturday 21st November you can be part of the third event introducing quality advertising and editorial photographers around the world (as well as their agents) to top advertising creatives and key decision makers in Asia.

CA+ is back, and it’s online.

The theme for Friday 20th is CHANGE and we want to put some of the top industry futurists working in the advertising, design and news industries in front of you. These are NOT talks you’ll find online.

Register by clicking on any of the red buttons on our website here to get access to 5 events including a panel discussion of amazing women in the industry, and 3 keynote speakers, plus an interview with the Director of Photography at Bloomberg and myself.

And just for today, ending at midnight NZT, you can copy and paste this code: ca+earlybird

Pop it into the payment form and it will deduct NZ 100, bringing the total to NZ 150.

Once you’re registered, you’ll also have the option to purchase reviews with up to 15 top decision makers from the 40 we have attending.

Meanwhile, it’s fireworks night here tomorrow. Even though I doubt it will be as dramatic as my Shanghai experience, last year the neighbour’s Cabbage Tree did catch fire and we had the entire Titirangi fire department outside our house at midnight but… #forestliving. Wish me luck.

I’m wishing you luck and safe-keeping through the events of the next week, whether it’s elections, lockdown, fireworks or a week of shooting.