How to break the ice

A few months ago I asked how good you were at receiving compliments. (If you missed it you can read it again here)

But how good are you at GIVING compliments?

Maybe hiding behind a camera is exactly how you like it. Maybe talking to random strangers is not your bag.

But then you find out to make a living you have to build relationships with complete strangers (who may or may not want to work with you) and on top of that, become an amazing team leader.


If you work with me you’ll know that cold-calling (yes I know this may give you shivers down your spine) is something I discourage at all cost, but you have to start somewhere and that’s where the compliment comes in.

It’s the best way to break the ice with someone you’re trying to access. Whatever the form of communication (Email, social media, face to face, etc…) it will get their attention and brighten their day.

I recommend you use this tactic with potential new clients, new team members, to cheer someone up in the supermarket (I’m one of those weirdos who does this it all the time), OR even to nip a potentially negative confrontation in the bud. (Have you tried complimenting someone who’s getting a bit antsy? It works wonders on their ego and soothes ruffled feathers.)

Compliment their recent achievements, a new position, latest campaign, how they handled a situation, their kid’s graduation, their haircut or their shoes. There’s always something nice you can say to someone. Just make sure it’s genuine.

I challenge you to compliment a stranger over the next week and let me know how you go (you can Email me at christina(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or comment on my Facebook page here.) Better still, try it on a client you want to work with. You may find it harder … or easier than you expect, but I guarantee they’ll respond well.

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