Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving for the folk in US, so happy holidays if that’s you!

It’s the perfect time, wherever you are, to take stock of what HAS worked this year, in spite of so much being so utterly awful.

Things I know some of my clients are grateful for this year:

  • Spending more time with family
  • Having time to shoot personal work
  • Winning awards
  • Getting their work locked into serious art galleries
  • Being booked for unexpected assignments
  • Finding a new way of working- and increasing their income
  • Meeting new clients overseas via Zoom
  • Holding amazing online exhibitions
  • Finally getting time to implement some great marketing
  • NOT getting the it-shall-not-be-named virus
  • Recovering from the it-shall-not-be-named virus.
  • Getting a new president
  • Keeping a wonderful Prime minister

Sorry, politics aside, did any of this resonate with you?

Last year I wrote this blog post which is a good reminder on how to receive. (I cannot believe it was a year ago.)

If you have a bit of spare time it’s a quick read (and feel free to keep reading the blog- there’s lots to learn on there).

Have a really lovely gratitude filled day!