Sam Harris Neighbours moments of intimacy

Has your work made people take drastic action?

A photographer recently told me about a fashion shoot where the model’s nose was slightly retouched in post production.

After seeing the shot, the model paid for a nose job.

She actually had her own nose made to look like the final image.

Horrified, the photographer contacted her afterwards. The model thanked her for showing her how much better it would look.

Since then, the photographer has only ever shown the talent as they are. Her shots are intense, honest, and quite frankly, stunning.

Have you ever wondered what effect your photography has on viewers? What about the crew and the people you shoot?

How many people do you think have changed their bodies because of something you did in post production?

How many viewers do you think you have reached with a simple but strong message- good or bad?

What do you want them to feel, say, or do as a result of seeing your work?

You have a lot of power.

Wield it wisely.

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