Cross borders from home.

As many of us emerge gingerly out of lockdown one thing is clear. Nothing is certain.

Feelings and reactions amongst my community of photographers are diverse and ever-changing.

From gratitude, excitement and cautious optimism to fear, anger and a sense of abandonment.

‘I have everything I need. I am so privileged’ said one photographer yesterday.

‘I have nothing. I’m so scared’ said another.

As a photo rep working through SARS (when much of my business was from Asia) and then the GFC, I know how tough it can be to plan ahead.

But consider this.

Clients in cities that are less badly affected than your local market are getting back to work, and they need photographers to make their campaigns.

Clients in cities that ARE affected may want the locations, resources and freedom you may have access to.

You may not be able to travel but you can still target new clients in new locations.

Next Thursday 28th May (USA/ UK)/ Friday 29th (NZ/ Australia) I’m giving an online presentation on behalf of ASMP called ‘Target New Territories.

It’s open to all photographers- members or non members- and I’ll be giving attendees strategies to investigate and explore these options, as well as gain some clarity at this time.

Regardless of the location you’re in this is no time to be twiddling your thumbs. If you want to continue being a photographer after this is over (hell whilst it’s still happening) you need to actively captain your ship.

I hope you can join us.

“The changes we dread most may contain our salvation.”

– Barbara Kingsolver